Soccer Skills: Soccer Tricks you Can do by Yourself to Improve your Soccer Skills

Here are some soccer skills you can practice by yourself to improve your touch on the ball. Watch and practice.


Haris Memon says:

damn ur good

Travis Smith says:

you’ve got some killer calves bro lol

Delton Astell says:

Have you ever thought of playing futsal

mohamed hoggui says:


Christian Grullon says:

Nice tikkzz

enrique romero says:

I liked the last one thank you

Myelinator says:

Thank you for emphasizing the effective over fancy. So many people on
YouTube focus solely on how fancy their moves are but totally neglect to
state anything about being an effective skilled technical soccer player

Hackurz says:

Were you a soccer player before???

ibrahim camara says:

Im ten years old and I can only juggle about five times how can I improve?

ucal viq pidie says:

simple, inspiring and very helpful.. “learn to have fun with the ball” that
explains thousands.. once you master the ball, thru following this
practices, you would definitely see big changes & improvements on field..
its simply best motivator !!

leo totaj says:

song namee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Intake says:

Can do most tricks except for chest stall but thx for the tips!!!

Angad Chouhan says:


eminem8345 says:

This is a pretty *AMAZING*
football drill video

David Oti says:

Wat song is this??

sandy sastradinata says:

kayak tai


AEATW ? :)

Naruto Rodriguez says:

Wow good tricks and skill :)

richard velasquez says:

I used to do all these tricks but I stop playing soccer for three years and
seeing how the tricks are done again is great! Thank you so much for this
video :)

Oscar Macedo says:

thanks alot. with just practicing it took me just a month and a half to
master around the world and doing different tricks with that move.thank

starsmaster88 says:

Level: Expert

steven spadafora says:

thanks for teaching me how to do the around the world

Uriel Quintanilla says:

I don’t think y’all understand how important all these can be. The more you
can do the more ball control you’ll obtain 

Mayo Rodriguez says:

im good playing and a litlle doing freestyle but now im trying to learn and
is impossible to do the trick in minute 6:00

Ryphan Carrera says:

Thanks man

Goldwolf says:

your awesome 

Manuel Brenda says:

Good tricks man

Gabriel7 says:

beautiful triks

Houcine Elattir says:

I wish you put all the tricks together

Neil Thomas says:

Ronaldo is Fancy, Messi is Effective

Zain Shah says:

Why would I use this ?

rani hamoud says:

you are amaizing why you dont play with pro team ?

Imran Esmail says:

awesome man

Hackurz says:

Fuck yo goooood (the best)

Liam Creaner says:

U make it look easy

bcnmay1 says:

I’m a good soccer player

Ivan Martinez says:

Thanks for the tricks!!! Gracias!!!!

PlayMoreFootball says:

Check out my channel with some awesome skill videos by a professional coach
and I have tutorials for you coming soon! 🙂

sabhya pun says:


Khairul Farid says:

I always wondered why my ball control was so bad. I can barely even juggle
let alone stall XD

InsaneBiscuits says:

This is just ball skills like nothing to do with playing matches or
anything ,

The Adem Network says:

You are an amazing coacch man, thank you

Cyril Essama says:

It is so amazing

ok7929 says:

카스보고 온사람 1인

weilerporsche says:

super helpful lots of key points that other vids dont mentoin

Anton Breide says:


Toni Flores says:


tttt12372 says:

They are not attrative

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